Ishqum Gulmorash

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Almighty Allah is the Lord of the whole universe. How many worlds are there? Have you ever wondered how many other worlds exist parallel to our world? There are seven layers of the Earth and seven layers of the sky, each inhabited by different creatures. Allah manifests those whom He desires, while some mysteries remain concealed. “Ishqam Gulmorash” is a novel that encompasses another world parallel to our world, with its creations, system, religions, governmental affairs, friendships, enmities, power, and revenge, all surrounded by the aura of love that is the essence of our existence. How is our world connected to this other world? Which world exists within our world and is still unknown to our eyes? What hidden secrets are yet to be revealed to you? This novel takes you on a journey through a unique world, accompanied by the natural beauty and allure of Kaagan Naran and another tale of love awaiting you. It is filled with information for enthusiasts of regional colours, culture, and tourism. The story of love in two worlds will captivate you, making you wonder if the existence of other creatures, their manner of communication, the effects of their joyous festivities, and their interaction with the resources of this world are as actual as human beings. If humans are concerned about their survival, are other creatures also striving for their existence? Science fiction enthusiasts will find in it the creation of new machines, their actions, chemical reactions, and even genetic science marvels. This novel will be remembered in the memoirs of individuals connected to various fields of life.

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