Kali Khuahish

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Desires, the depths of the human psyche, can take you from one extreme to another. It’s a deceptive nurse, promising fulfilment in this world but ultimately leading to disappointment in the hereafter. Black Desire (Kali Khuahish) are incomplete without the aid of Satan. This novel explores Satan’s presence and historical significance, the allure and mysteries of magic, the interaction between humans and Satan, the exchange of wealth and jewels for children and faith, and the worship of Satan, Lucifer, and Baphomet. Additionally, it delves into how their demonic influence ensnares an entire family. The central characters get trapped in the web of these devil worshippers, but eventually, a faithful man defeats Baphomet and Lucifer. It’s a story that constantly changes, with intertwined characters from the past. ” Kali Khuahish” is the second part of the novel “Billi,” where you can also discover the traditions of the Butt Khela region. An exceptional novel is written in the outskirts of Peshawar, a tale, and characters you will never forget.

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