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“Raatub” is a story of a couple who desired freedom from the constraints of societal norms. What happened when they were left alone? “Raatub” is a tale entangled in the struggle of social classes, where there was no love, only disdain, and how that disdain took shape. Who met death at the hands of love? The human eye and mind witness many scenes that do not exist, yet they appear before us. It is true to gain control over a spirit’s body. Revenge of the souls is also a reality. The culprit of a double murder, caught with stained hands, can also escape. The knowledge and methods of professor psychology will leave you in awe. Explores the manipulative tactics employed by the lawyer, the malicious intentions behind the dark web, the profound connection shared by two friends, the presence of forged suicide notes, the visual sense of helplessness in one’s eyes, the enduring experience of pain and trauma, the unsettling combination of laughter and death, the consequences of infamy and disgrace, and the transformative power of a simple gesture, like wiping away a smudge from the forehead. The central character takes you through psychological, religious, and legal loopholes, and you continue to move forward hand in hand with it till the end. Read this novel; it will expand your horizons of knowledge.

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